For both for NVIDIA or AMD, we all are looking forward to see the new 20nm GPU using the new technology as soon as possible, but the two did not seem in a hurry, at least AMD has already confirmed that this is a completely hopeless.

In the 2014 first quarter financial conference just held on , AMD senior vice president and general manager of global business units, said Lisa Su publicly, AMD this year will be completely stuck in the 28nm node, 20nm process chips are being designed, but it is next year’s fix.

This year 20nm Card will not entertain the market From Nvidia and AMD side

She then added, stressed that: “the technology strategy, and this year we’re 28 (nm), and already have 20nm designs . This is an overview of our product line. ”

Lisa Su did not mention a specific product line, but you can see that both the GPU or APU, this year are not new technology, including next-generation low-power APU Beema, Mullins.

20nm on two lines should go hand in hand in the next year, but the FinFET evasive, because both TSMC or GlobalFoundries, will be introduced in the future of this three-dimensional transistor technology, but TSMC is 16nm, GlobalFoundries’s is 14nm ( from Samsung authorized ) . AMD will use exactly which one? Or different products are used?

Well, NVIDIA 20nm this year will not pre-empt the use of the second generation of Maxwell has been no clear indication, have to wait and see, but the history of the new technology NVIDIA consistent conservative, the crabs will eat it?

As previously rumored “pirate island” Radeon R9 300 series” and from Nvidia side also a exposure so-called GeForce GTX 880 , as that is basically nonsense, so do not take it seriously.

AMD Pirate Island