The Super Smash Bros Nintendo series has always been the undisputed king of 2D brawlers. So much so that every game like it was and is treated disparagingly as a mere clone, or cheap copy of the classic Japanese company. Are there not hundreds, of clones of Doom?

Companies such as Sony tried similar formulas as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, or Marvel Super Hero Squad, but the shadow of Super Smash Bros was always behind them without letting them succeed on their own. This time, Blue Mammoth Games are surprised with Brawlhalla, an indie title for the PC that aims to fill the void of the brawlers on our favorite platform.

Currently in Early Access through invitations to a closed beta (or through purchase of the founders pack to help develop the title) fights Brawlhalla supports up to 4 players or bots simultaneously.

Total 12 characters are in the portfolio of playable Heroes, have varied themes, through aliens and monsters to Vikings (with many more to come as the game expands). In the last patch I will include a set of stats each character as an attack, attack speed, movement and defense, so they are not mere skins, but these remain without special attacks, so the difference between character and character only lies in the gun we get.




As if this were not enough, the weapons in combat appear frequently and randomly at a time may be fighting a two-handed hammer doing large amounts of damage, closer with a sword making rapid attacks, guns, lasers, until even throwing weapons such as bombs or mines when we are in trouble.

Currently the game has 5 game modes, although similar with slight differences between: Arcade, Custom Online, Local Match, Online and Practice. Although the names do a good job of describing that treats each type, we can summarize that Arcade is the typical style of play: A Brawl robin with up to 4 players, custom online gives us the possibility to set up a meeting with friends, couch party is to play locally with multiple keyboards or pads, online is random with people who do not have a group practice allows us to test the different moves and weapons.

Unfortunately, while it is a fun game is still in a very early stage of development. For now we have only 6 maps and also all are very similar, and in recent patches just sounds different when a gun grip was included, shooting, hit or even the background music. It goes without saying that it is a strange game to Nintendo, so the chance of playing with our beloved Kirby and swallow our opponents are scarce. Still, Brawlhalla is an excellent choice for those seeking an alternative to Super Smash Bros and can enjoy some quick games without many turns in between. Have a long way to go until Brawlhalla exploit its full potential, but it is on track.

For those wishing to enjoy this brawler, they can sign up for the closed beta on its official site, or assist in its development by acquiring the Founders Pack on Steam for just 12.99USD .

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