Series  Borderlands certainly would be nice greeted on Current-Gen consoles  Xbox One and PS4. There are lots of chances, but it would not be equipped with a new look. The multi-platform release received an MA15+ from the Australian Classification Board, just as the original Borderlands did.

Borderlands: Remastered Edition is coming for New Consoles

Borderlands Remastered Edition

This Australian organization deal with the allocation of new productions respective age groups. Although this is not an official announcement, but the similar cases had been already reported for many game leaks and every time news is on the correct mark. 

If things are like this, that we are expecting and they should probably prepare with a package of all series of hits that should appear not only on the already cited Xbox One and PS4, but also on the PC. Borderlands: Remastered Edition has been set out as a proposal for multiplatform.

It’s hard to tell when you get tired of issuing producers refreshed version of the already well-known games on the new Sony and Microsoft consoles. For now things are based on rumor so take this news with a pinch of salt.

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