There is no shortage when you count the all time fans of the Borderlands series, but increasingly there are voices that further their views do not bring major changes and slowly players start to get bored. It seems that similar opinions reached to the manufacturer and publisher.

Recently, we have learned that  Gearbox Software takes longer for the new Borderlands and also seeks for additional manpower. At the same time, however, if not betrayed any specifics. Slowly, they should appear what we already have the first evidence.

Take Two reported that the new Borderlands will be only available for the current generation of consoles. The fate of the PC was not disclosed, but it should be supposed that the game will appear here.

No need to hide that hope, immediately grow and finally there are the chances that the next edition of Borderlands will bring more changes and will be much more complex, not only in terms of graphics but gameplay also.

Source: VG247

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