Nearly seven years after the release of its second installment (not including The Pre-Sequel that practically does not count for many fans), Gearbox Software finally announced the third installment of the Borderlands series.

More information will be revealed on April 3 but, for the moment, we leave you with the sensational trailer, which shows the new – and old – vault hunters and antagonists of Borderlands 3.

Last December, the YouTube channel TheKnow claimed to have exclusive information – from a reliable source – about Borderlands 3, and had revealed that the four classes including Soldier, Beastmaster, Assassin and Siren.

  • The soldier may call giant mechs Titanfall style and will have a skill tree for cooperative play. For example, you can unlock a turret on the robot so that a second player can use it.
  • The Siren will be a similar hand-to-hand combat character Brick, the Berserker class of Borderlands.
  • The Assassin class will be similar to Borderlands 2 Zero, but unlike this one, you can cast a decoy to attract enemies.
  • Finally, the Beastmaster comes to replace the Hunter class of Borderlands, and we can choose between three different pets, each of them with their own abilities.
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