At CES 2014 according to the rumors there are more than 12 Steam Machine’s reviled, and Bolt II by Digital Storm is also one of them. A small factor form machine but with the great powerful specification to run anything you through on it, remember that Steam wants to create  a new category of machine affordability of consoles and power of PCs and we see a great top notch result a great power full machine. Bolt II is running SteamOs.

Bolt II by Digital Storm Steam Machine
Bolt II by Digital Storm Steam Machine

The price of Bolt II is starting from $1500 to$2000 according to your choice of candies. The one shown at CES is about $2,584 including the Steam controller.
In Specifications Digital Storm Bolt II  equipped with  GTX 780 Ti along with the Intel i7 4770K and 16Gb Ram, with the digital cooling system which controls all the air flow and lighting of Bolt II, for Cooling of Beast Intel 4770k, Corsair H100i is doing a job.
A 700 watt power supply is given all power to the system, the casing is looking really neat with enough spacing and no noise of fans at all. Overall the design is good, and efficienent, even at Overclocking it stay quiet.

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