The presence of Bohemia Interactive in the expected exclusive conference for PC was not confirmed till now, but now they officially started showing details of their previously launched title, as in this case, the presentation of the new map for ARMA 3.

With this new expansion, which will arrive next year, the study points to refresh your experience with a new, larger terrain, military vehicles, weapons, equipment, characters, situations, and more. In addition, the titles under Early Access of Bohemia, Z Day and Take On Mars, are also scheduled to appear at the event.

“Following in the footsteps of Chernarus and Altis, the new field Arma 3 is already shaping up to be one of the most immersive series destination, and we can not wait to show for the first time at E3,” said Marek Spanel, CEO Bohemia Interactive. “In addition, we have exciting news to share about DayZ and Take On Mars, which, with great support and patience of our valued players are being worked to reach the next great achievement of development in Early Access.”

Remember on Tuesday, June 16 don’t forget to watch live PC Gaming Show, which will be broadcast on Twitch.

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