Koei Tecmo still responds to PC users and in this opportunity today they announced that the remastered version of Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War (2007) is not only coming to next-Gen Consoles and Playstation 3, but the game will also make its debut on Steam.

Bladestorm: Nightmare coming to PC via Steam in May


Bladestorm: Nightmare is a strategy game where the player takes the role of a mercenary who chooses to fight for England or France in missions based on real events and battles of the Hundred Years War; a historical conflict that took place between 1337 and 1453 between the houses of Valois (France) and Plantagenet (England). Looking back on one of the longest and most politically unstable periods in the history of Europe, Omega Force has developed this product in a way that allows the player to assume the leadership of different types and armies, while offering the opportunity to develop their own unique characters, increase your fame, possessions of gold and army, in addition to completing several missions regardless of their side and who profess their loyalty.

Apart from the main mode of unquestionable educational value (continues the events that occurred at that time reliably), “Bladestorm” will also feature a separate mode called “Nightmare” which features an original scenario not based on historical events. In “Nightmate” as the war develops between England and France, a mysterious horde of bizarre creatures appears headed for an alleged Joan of Arc that has become malignant. The army consists of Dragons, Giants and Demons in various forms in infinite number; so the kingdoms of England and France opt for a cease-fire and momentary join forces to bring this evil out of this world.

This mode allows the player to take control of 32 additional characters, both fictional and prominent historical figures of that time, as Edward, the Black Prince, Prince of Wales Prince Black, the legendary Joan of Arc or military leader and astute gentleman Étienne of Vignolles, better known as La Hire, among others. With your help, the player character can manage and control the demonic armies, to get Joan of Arc regain its previous form and save the world from evil.

This funny plot twist diversifies the classic strategic game elements and effectively splits ‘Bladestorm: Nightmare’ in two parts; on the one hand the historical aspect set in the Hundred Years’ War in Bladestorm and Nightmare will represent a fictional scenario that takes place in the same world.

Bladestorm: Nightmare will come to consoles on 20th March 2015, although for PC it will arrive in May.