Previously, we have seen the leaked roadmap of Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake Processors along with released date. Intel Skylake Processors will be declared in IDF ’15 and will be dispatched in the market only after a month, in September. Intel Skylake Processors are using the LGA 1151 Socket interface. Intel Skylake corresponds to the Intel 100 series chipset, including the Z170, Z150, Q170, Q150, B150 and H110. Today BIOSTAR has officially unveiled their upcoming 100-Series powered GAMING Z170X4 motherboard. The Skylake processors launch is still 4 months away from us, but motherboard manufacturers will be displaying several concepts and designs during Computex 2015.

BIOSTAR GAMING Z170X4: First Z170 Skylake Motherboard 

BIOSTAR Z170X4 Gaming LGA 1151 Motherboard Skylake Ready

Uncovered by 4Gamer as a piece of an official press discharge by Biostar, the company showcases their GAMING Z170X4 motherboard which as the name proposes, highlights the Z170 chipset, and the LGA 1151 socket for the Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake processors which will hit retail in September. The processor line will incorporate a mixture of 95W Unlocked chips for enthusiasts and 65W – 35W standard chips at distinctive costs for normal users. As should be obvious from the motherboard format, Biostar hasn’t yet flaunted the last outline subsequent to the motherboard is uncovered of Heatsinks and all the essential materials to make it a piece of the last release yet the configuration plan does demonstrate that Intel’s AIB accomplices do have 100-Series chips.

In terms of specifications, we are taking a gander at 12+4+2 power phase outline and a 8-Pin power connector that will squeeze up the LGA 1151 Socket. The motherboard will also support four DDR4 DIMM slots on its left side which can bolster Overclocked memory sticks and limits up to 64GB.
Expansion slots on the motherboard incorporate three PCI-e 3.0 x16 and three PCI-e 3.0 x1 slots.

Since the I/O connectors are confronting the other side, we can’t generally tell what number of USB ports will be included on this board. The Skylake Z170 chip can be seen in uncovering and takes a little measure of space contrasted with past chipsets. Notwithstanding, Skylake motherboards will highlight optimized performance and stability for the up and coming processors and we hope to see huge amounts of outline amid Computex 2015.

Source: 4Gamer, Wccftech

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