In the hands of some developers who have participated in the production of Far Cry 2, a new studio was born under the name PIXYUL, and they have released their first game which is still under development, but can be tested via Steam Early Access entitled BIOS.


BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System, a particular name for a particular game as well, which will offer a little twist to the genre of action games in first person. For this young studio, the BIOS is a RFPS; a first person shooter racing.

It is an action game asynchronous online competitions, where we deal with 24 different locations, with four different types of enemies, to resolve them as quickly as possible and participate in a world ranking – although still not been implemented.

“BIOS is a fast paced, high voltage, and asynchronous competitive,” says LP Pharand, co-founder of PIXYUL. “Your goal is simple – get to the end alive as quickly as possible. The player will develop strategies and refine their skills constantly, for better times. We strongly believe that we are adding something new to the world of FPS. “

The study is being developed on the popular Unreal Engine 4 and calculates remaining in this phase of testing Steam for at least one year, before having the final version. Nothing will be exclusive to a Windows PC, but they are thinking in versions for Mac, Linux and next-generation consoles.