We have here a new gameplay video of BioMutant, the new IP of THQ Nordic that takes us to a rich open world in details where we can explore three worlds with a post-apocalyptic environment that will be generated procedurally, and that we can explore through various air transport like air balloons, jetpacks and much more.

BioMutant is a role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world that offers an advanced system of personalization of the different characters, in which, throughout the story, players will discover new mutant abilities. Thus, for example, we will be able to modify the molecular structure of our character to change appearance, which in turn will affect the mind of the character and will cause him to lose or gain various powers.

As for the arsenal of the game, in BioMutant we will find a great amount of weapons, from the classic sword, to  rifles and shotguns, also passing chainsaws or even bionic weapons.

We remind you that this game will arrive sometime in the next year on all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and all Xbox One. Regarding the PC version, the system requirements are still unknown.

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