Microsoft yesterday officially exposed to GDC2014 meeting of the DirectX 12 API, although according to the official statement, the existing Intel, NVIDIA and AMD’s DirectX 11 graphics chips are DirectX 12 API backward compatibility, but apparently Intel, NVIDIA, AMD this Three Members of the Microsoft DirectX 12 is dubious attitude, it does not, the three companies at GDC meeting published on specialized technical talks, discussed the OpenGL – DirectX one rival in some future developments.

AMDNvidia and Intel boost future OpenGL performance soared 15 times!!

The talks from AMD Graham Sellers, Intel’s Tim Foley was born and NVIDIA elite Cass Everitt and John McDonald that several large graphics technology industry gathered to talk, the participants said that the current OpenGL has made some breakthroughs, they claimed to be able The drive overload reduced to one tenth the original, or even lower, but by providing developers with access to the underlying hardware while reducing driver overload is one of the key selling points of DirectX 12 API’s.

AMD,Nvidia and Intel boost future OpenGL performance soared 15 times

More importantly, this also revealed several bigwigs, because OpenGL is an open technical standards, if the use of the developer, can enhance the efficiency of 30%, plus some depth adjustment if the performance increase can be staggering 7-15 times!!!

Having said that, of course, is also unknown how the practical application currently supports OpenGL gaming platform is Sony’s PS series host and Apple’s Mac / iOS system and Google’s Android system, and Valve’s upcoming SteamMachine true.