Alcoa and Wogan both are German retailers, today, both listed the hot masterpiece Beyond: Two Souls for PS4. Beyond: Two Souls were previously launched for Playstation 3 in 2013. Still Neither Quantic Dream nor Sony has said anything about this, but then we are expecting from them that Beyod: Two Souls is coming to PS4. There are possible chances that Quantic Dream release this game at GamesCom 2014 which will be held in Germany, August 2014.

Beyond: Two Souls Coming to PS4, listed on the German Retailer

beyond two souls ps4 listing beyond two souls ps4 listing

In fact, you can see the two screenshots of both lists. Nothing confirmed, but we do know that Quantic Dream is currently working on the PlayStation 4 with multiple projects and thus it is possible that one of these may just be the Next-Gen version of the title released last year. So we just have to wait for official news from the Quantic Dream or Sony.