During a livestream of Ubisoft, the development team of Beyond Good and Evil 2 showcased a new gameplay video, focusing on how the player can explore the world (either with a ship or with a jetpack), as well as combat with a cane . Keep in mind that the below video is from pre-alpha version of the game, so that there are certain aspects that may change and / or improve.

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Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, Beyond Good and Evil 2 places players in System 3, a solar system that is at the center of an interstellar colonization and trade in the Milky Way, contextualized in the XXIV Century. While private companies exploit hybrid slaves for the domination of resources, System 3 colonialists struggle to survive and to give meaning to their existence by weaving together the various inheritances of the old Earth, beginning a new era of piracy in space.

In this action adventure you can play individually or with your friends, where everyone can take part in this intense drama located throughout the planetary system 3, moons and space. Beyond Good and Evil 2, is being developed in Voyager, a new owner engine of Ubisoft Montpellier in which three years of development have been invested. This disruptive technology is capable of generating vast, custom-made worlds that also include amazing environments and robust online systems.

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