2K and Firaxis Games today announced the first expansion for Beyond Earth Civilization featuring new regions, diplomatic options, features, and more. As the name implies, Rising Tide enable colonize the ocean while also new game experiences and aquatic animals are also introduced.

One of the new features is the Al Falah, which Firaxis described as a “group of explorers descended from nomadic prosperous and strong states in the Middle East.” Another new system will allow players to invest in multiple fields, as part of its effort to unlock hybrid units for the first time in the series view

As for the worlds to explore, “Primordial” is described as a “hostile biome plagued by volcanic activity and chaotic landscapes, still forming in the new world.”

“It’s not just putting all the water is not only a blue field,” said David McDonough. “We have really changed some of the ways in which you build cities, captured territories, develop and progress, so if you play in the sea, have all a different strategic outlook.”

Beyond Earth Civilization: Rising Tide is expected to fall at a price of $30. It will also be coming to Mac and Linux, through the ports of Aspyr.



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