Today at E3 2015 Bethesda has officially showcased a several minutes of Fallout 4 gameplay, which has been formally declared for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and landing in 2015. The game is situated in post-whole-world destroying Boston and driven by more profound RPG components to convey an all out Sci-Fi experience set in the fallout wasteland.

Fallout 4: Gameplay Set 200 Years after the events of the Great War (Year 2277)


Fallout 4 has all the earmarks of being the inception story of the Fallout series, an investigating what happened to accelerate the atomic war furthermore what happened promptly a short time later. The game begins in the pre-apocalypse world which is before the colossal war began on 23rd October 2077. This is the place you begin off by making your game character. The new face creation tools have gotten another chiseling mode and the game can be played as both female and male. The occasions that take after lead up to the 2 hour war, which is called that since the war kept going just 2 hours, after which the bomb had practically demolished everything on the planet. The game next starts 200 years after the fact with the same character you began off with yet you are the sole survivor of the vault in which you look for asylum. The player could have survived that long through cryogenic rest that were likewise found in Fallout 3 in a vault.

Having a canine companion (Dog) highlighted truly hits the enthusiastic nail on the head. The puppy likewise helps to remember Dogmeat from Fallout 3 which was a conceivable buddy in the past series and truly a notable one alongside Rex in Fallout: New Vegas. Contrasted with the previous trailer, which was showcased a couple of weeks back, the most recent gameplay feature indicates more client to AI associations demonstrating how Bethesda is truly making a jump in making Fallout 4 their most impressive and intuitive game to date.


Somewhat not as much as a year prior, a man guaranteeing to be an ex-representative of Bethesda, released some Fallout 4 data to reddit, and taking over the late uncover, we realize that at any rate some of it remains constant.

“In Fallout 4, mixing things up, we are making the game more ‘Story Based’ and the player character will finally talk, and narrate his storyline. At the beginning of the game, you create your character (You can only be a male in the main story),”

Some more rumored details of Fallout 4:

  • The map of Fallout 4 is about three times the size of Skyrim
  • Set in the year 2287, exactly 10 years after Fallout 3
  • Takes place in Boston
  • Xbox 360 and PS3 version will release later and run on the Skyrim engine (the teaser website had CSS mentions of both consoles)
  • You can import your Fallout 3 data that could have an impact on the story depending on your previous choices
  • PC version includes a “Classic Mode” that will feature a bird’s-eye view like the original titles
  • You can only play as a male in the main story, but can change gender after completing the story
  • PC / PS4 / Xbox One release date: October 2015
  • PS3 / Xbox 360 release date: December 2015
  • Will have five DLCs released over the next year
  • An expansion will be revealed at E3 next year, and released in October

The game is now available for Pre-order at a price tag of $59.99 and has a release date set for December 31st 2015 as per Amazon.

Fallout 4 1080P Direct Feed Gameplay Screenshots