Bethesda is not very happy with the digital distribution service from Valve, as they were charging $60 for their games. Therefore, its subsidiary of ZeniMax is preparing launcher, where you can buy Bethesda games. is also designed to connect members of the gaming community, and will be launching forums and articles to help it become a go-to source for players, much in the style of Blizzard’s site or Bioware’s social forums.

Bethesda Introduces its own Digital Platform


The store is not yet online, but it is a matter of time, because you can see the redeem code button. We’ll see if Bethesda, with its shortened catalog, manages to attract loyal followers and to follow in the footsteps of EA Origin or Ubisoft UPlay. The store looks to be very organized with areas to view your game library as well as a place to store all your mods. It also looks to be only in the alpha version, so there’s no exact date on when fans will be able to buy and play their favorite games straight from the source.

Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, the Store of Windows 10, the Blizzard launcher, the launcher of Epic Games and now Bethesda. Before reinstalling your operating system, you have to think twice.

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