Dishonored 2 was in the air of rumors for a long time, today Bethesda has officially announced at E3 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One only (sadly not previous Gen-consoles). Apart from announcement they also showcased gameplay trailer that surely makes the new next-Gen title look as beautiful as anything.


As per the developers, the storyline of the forthcoming stealth action game will be extremely energizing and predictable with a little blend from its previous release. The game proceeds with years after the occasions of Dishonored. Players who has longed for the mark steampunk professional killer experience will be satisfied to realize that Dishonored 2 will offer all that with great flavor. There is no data on the release date of the game, which implies it will most potentially come one year from now.

Talking about graphics of the up and coming game, Dishonored 2 will certainly look more symmetrical than its ancestor, that much is without a doubt from the gameplay footage of the game. The game is being set up together utilizing the most recent next-gen video game development technology for PC and current-gen video game consoles only, so it will clearly be up to snuff. In any case, with Dishonored, you are not in just for good looks, the genuine component that will fortify your issue with Dishonored 2 is, similar to the first title in the series, the fundamental storyline of the game. Mixed with great and epic minutes, the trailer shared beneath is sufficient blowout your eye upon for the time being.



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