In this TOP 10 installment of the series, we will see top 10 paid games for your Android device that will surely eradicate boredom.

Best Top 10 Paid Games for Android


In our rundown of the top 10 paid games for android, we take a look at the a portion of the Play Store’s most noteworthy allowed to-play titles over various classes. In this list you will find games from different genres.

GTA Liberty City Stories

Download GTA Liberty City Stories


Liberty City Stories is the latest part of the famous Grand Theft Auto series, and now you can play it on your Android devices. Originally, this game had its premiere in 2005 and initially it was released for PSP. The game is set in Liberty City a few years before the events of the now classic “GTA 3” and shows the world of the Mafia through the eyes of Toni Cipriani. The game has been updated with new textures, additional lighting effects and other graphical enhancements – all in order to present best on the screens of smartphones.


Download Zenge from Play Store


It is a puzzle game characterized by a minimalist, yet expressive graphic design, immersive music and unusual gameplay. It is hard to describe the mechanics of the game, because it is not a typical puzzle. The eye-catching part in this game is that you will not find any inscriptions, advertisements, tutorials and other items that distract you from the actual game. To find out about how much Zeng can draw, you have to invest less than $0.70 and immerse yourself in the minimalist world.

Assassin’s Creed Identity

Download Assassin’s Creed Identity

Assassins- Creed-Identity

Identity is the first mobile title with a pure heart, it can be called a full-fledged game in the Assassin’s Creed universe. This is due to extensive Renaissance towns and the presence of RPG elements that will allow you to build your character. There is also a wide range of main missions available in the game, which echoed many side quests. Playing this game is much more convenient with a game controller.

ZONA Project X

Download ZONA Project X


ZONA Project X is a must play game for the fans of the STALKER and Metro 2033 series. ZONA Project X belongs to the FPS genre and its climate very much longer refers to the cult game inspired by the book “Roadside Picnic”. It is characterized by an extensive storyline and pretty good graphics (redux version of the game is also available on Google Play Store), which is commendable considering that it was in practice developed by only one developer. Certainly, this game is worth the very reasonable price of $1.60. There is also a free Lite version.

Max Payne

Download Max Payne


Well, we don’t need to introduce this game to anyone I believe. The first edition of Max Payne in his time was a revolutionary game that stole the hearts of thousands of players. The mobile version has been present for several years, but still worthy of the title of the command. Why? First of all, for $4.50 we get a game with addictive, long and even downright timeless story. A big plus is also a good optimization combined with convenient control. In addition, the game is even more fun because due to the lack of any micro-payments and advertising – pay once and play without hindrance as much as you want.

Monument Valley

Download Monument Valley


In the list of top 10 paid games for Android now we have Monument Valley. This game is probably one of the most beautiful game which we are now able to play on mobile devices. Our task is to help the charming princess to go through the beautiful, geometric worlds by manipulating elements of architecture. A unique atmosphere, which consists of a colorful graphic design and minimalist sounds became a factor that attempts to mimic the countless other games. Fun with this relaxing game is not the shortest – at the present moment, developers have provided players with more than 20 different “worlds”.

Hitman GO

Download Hitman GO

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition

Hitman GO is a turn-based game where you have to lead the Agent 47, so that he could kill its targets. This title should especially appeal to those who like unusual games that encourage the player to think logically. The game is not the easiest and many levels requires in-depth analysis of the scheme. The major advantage of Hitman GO must also include the original game world, which resembles a model or board games.

The Silent Age

Download The Silent Age


The unusual plot and interestingly designed levels – these two qualities make up the unique atmosphere of The Silent Age. This is a game type point and click, which is embedded in the realities of the 70s. Our character accidentally teleports to the future and makes a macabre discovery. The first chapter, which introduces the game world what the truth is free, but the real fun begins only after buying a second episode.

Dead Effect 2

Download Dead Effect 2


This tile can be called as a Mass Effect mobile version in the form of a first person shooter. The main game advantage is graphics, which is a good benchmark for the latest high-end smartphones. To continuously play it on “Ultra” settings you must at least have a last year’s “flagship”. The game is free, but in practice you have to include it among the paid position, because after some time the game becomes so demanding that it’s almost impossible to play without micro-payments.

Star Knight

Download Star Knight


Star Knight is a cool action-platformer that’s definitely worth a look. Its dynamic gameplay is not the easiest thing as it can frustrate and discourage people playing just to pass the time. This is a position for a more demanding hardcore gamers who yearn for the days when games were not “as simple” as they are today. This title usually makes a lot of fun and allows you to effectively fight boredom in public transport or while waiting.

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