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Best Gaming PC Under $500 (53000 RS) Build 2014


Next Generation is now current generation, with the gaming beast Consoles Ps4 and XboxOne coming out, with a price range of 50,000 Rs to 60,000 Rs. There are a lot of Questions in the mind of gamers about the price and performance of consoles as compared to the new gaming computer and a lot of questions about building their own machines. PC under 53,000 RS is capable of giving a tough time to any console and good enough to run anything you through on it. Also in Gaming Machine there are a lot of more feathers and more flexibility in term of multi working purpose.

Best CPU under $130:

The start of our ($500) 53,000 Rs builds with a processor, in the range of ($500) 53,000 we have got enough money to buy a good Processor for our machine under $130, In this build there are now these two processors are your best bet, Intel Core i3-4130 Clock @3. 4ghz with 3Mb cache and from AMD Side FX-6300 6 core @3. 5Ghz 6mb L2 cache. Both are a good processor for the budget gaming rig. The Intel processor Intel Core i3-4130 is better in terms of gaming performance and the AMD FX-6300 Processor will give you better performance in terms of multi-tasking and other heavy threading work.

Best Motherboard under $130:

In our gaming build there is no need of super motherboard, we will go with the budget performance gaming motherboard.
That is being said, you don’t need a super expensive motherboard in order to get a good performing gaming computer for $500.
In the price range of $100 for motherboard we have one option is Gigabyte Motherboard GA-H87-HD3 (LGA 1150) for our i3-4130 and for Fx-6300, ASUS M5A99X EVO (AM3+) is a Solid option there.

Best GPU under $120:

GTX-650-Ti-Boost-610x346In the range of $130 for Graphic card GTX 650ti Boost is a clear winner in term of Price and Performance and gives you solid Performance @900p resolution. So we are going with the Asus GTX 650ti Boost Dc2 Gddr5.

Best Gaming PSU under $40:

With the budget of $500 we are trying to make a good performance machine, not a hardcore powerful machine for the super Overclocking power house. For a budget machine, I’d recommend Corsair CX 430v2, which is good and much more efficient for the long-term use.

Best Gaming Cabinet under $40:nzxt-source-120

We save $40 for Mid-Sized Tower, I’d recommend you to go to NZXT Gamma 210 Source good looking cabinet with USB3.0 feather and good roaming to fit any budget
GPU in it. Also, some of other feathers are better wire management support and also
Fits 2 x 120/140mm fan for better cooling.

Best Ram, HDD and DVD Drive Under $90 for Budget Gaming PC:


For Ram It would be more better if 8Gb were there, but as we don’t have a good budget, so now we stick with 4Gb Kingston HyperX Blu or G. Skill 4x1Gb Ram @1600Mhz, since we selected a good motherboard and GPU you would be easily upgrade ram in the future, now 4Gb ram will not go you down don’t worry.

Optical Drive and HDD: 

For Optical drive try to find the good DVD-RW in the range of $20 and for hard drives I would recommend you to go to a 7200RPM hard drive like Western Digital Caviar Blue 500Gb SATA III.


If you have any questions, I’m here for the feedback for your questions in the comment section below.