Titanium .01ct. Diamond Accent Chain Necklace Man Pendant Charm Fashion Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

This is a very simple necklace – good if you want a minimum of fuss in your jewelry, and also good if you are focusing on one particular piece. This brushed titanium pendant mimics the look of a dog tag. You can have it engraved if that is what you want, but the default is blank with four cut lines scoring across the bottom and the left-hand side. The simple and clean look is accentuated by a single diamond set in the bottom left-hand corner.

Stainless Steel Black Plated Diamonds Cross Religious Chain Necklace Man Pendant Charm Fashion Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

This cross is less subtle than our previous choice for designer men’s necklaces, but it is a very nice look. A combination of stainless steel and black metal plating forms a gorgeous backdrop for the thin inner cross composed entirely of black diamonds. This combination of the black plating and the stainless steel gives the cross a 3D look beyond its actual dimensions, which makes the necklace as a whole even more arresting than it is! This necklace is a good choice for anybody who wants to make a statement.

Stainless Steel 1/20ct. Diamond Razor Blade 24 Inch Chain Necklace Man Pendant Charm Fashion Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

This necklace will definitely make you stand out in a crowd! Featuring a geometric hole in the center and diamonds around the outside, this stainless steel pendant will have everybody’s attention. The rows of diamonds run from top to bottom on either side of the pendant, drawing the eye towards the cut out at the center. The opening almost looks like it could be a bottle opener, so it will definitely be the source of a few laughs when worn! This is a good necklace for some understated style.

Titanium Black Enamel 1/20ct. Diamond 24 Inch Chain Necklace Man Pendant Charm Fashion Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

The black enamel pattern on this makes it stand out from the crowd. Black enamel and titanium mean that this striking necklace can be used with any number of outfits. For anybody who wants to keep a relatively simple design, and yet wants something a bit more unusual, show them this necklace! The enamel is broken up in such a way as to imitate the markings of a leopard, adding to the cool factor. There are three diamonds equally spaced around the rim of the pendant, which draw the eye.

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Whale Tail Slide Necklace Pendant Charm Chain Man Fine Jewelry Gift For Dad Mens For Him

Last, but certainly not least, for all the animal lovers in your life, a whale tail necklace! This gold necklace is completed by the inclusion of a small diamond on the right-hand side of the tail. This diamond draws attention to itself by standing slightly proud of the pendant itself and is a lovely finishing touch to an already lovely necklace. Rather than lying flat beneath the necklace, this pendant is quite unusual in being curved. It imitates the actual curve of a whale breaching the surface of the waves.


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