The company Koei Tecmo is working on a new “Musou”, hack-and-slash type game. The producer of Koei Tecmo announced that the game based on the popular manga / anime Berserk will be released in 2016 for PS4, PS Vita and PC.

Berserk Trailer and Screenshots

Omega Force’s new project unveiled: the collaboration of the landmark dark fantasy manga series Berserk and Koei Tecmo’s Warriors series!
The intense world and frenzied story will unfold for the most lethal Warriors game!

The Berserk Dynasty Warriors game will be called Berserk Mosuo, where the player will face a large number of enemies at once.

The plot of the game will cover the famous arch Golden Age, the same seen in the last trilogy of animated films. However, the producer promises that the arc of the manga Hawk of the Millennium Empire will also be the part of game.

Another feature of the game is that players will not only control the protagonist, but characters like Griffith and Schierke will also be playable.

Interestingly, this manga has officially received only a couple of adaptations that were published in the Dreamcast and PS2 consoles without much fuss. However, we must mention that its influence has itself beennoticeable  in this area, clearly feeling its titles like Dragon’s Dogma, which actually has themed DLC of the sleeve. Alongside the trailer teased at E3, publisher Koei Tecmo described Berserk as the “the most lethal Warriors game” to date.

Below you can see some screenshots of the game:






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