The company Koei Tecmo is working on a new “Musou”, hack-and-slash type game where controlled character has to confront constantly in order to defeat hordes of enemies. Thanks to a brief teaser that was presented during E3 2016, it is known that this next Musou will be based on Berserk, the famous manga of Kentaro Miura.

Berserk is confirmed by the mysterious teaser of Koei Tecmo

Interestingly, this manga has officially received only a couple of adaptations that were published in the Dreamcast and PS2 consoles without much fuss. However, we must mention that its influence has itself been more noticeable in this area, clearly feeling its titles like Dragon’s Dogma, which actually has themed DLC of the sleeve. Alongside the trailer teased at E3, publisher Koei Tecmo described Berserk as the “the most lethal Warriors game” to date.

The presented teaser of Berserk, which does not yet have an official title, really shows very little and focuses primarily on insinuate, being in fact the key point the title itself, which is revealed at the end of it. At the moment we don’t have certain information about its release date and availability, it is expected that it will be launched this year for PS4, PSVita and PC.