The BBC has announced some time ago that, there are some plans to prepare a film presenting the story of the birth of a series of Grand Theft Auto and controversy that circled around it. There are now more details about it.


The film has already received the working title – Game Changer. We got to know the names of the actors who will play the main roles. According to unofficial reports Daniel Radcliffe will be starring in this film and Bill Paxton will also showcase his skill in this movie.

They will play as the character of Sam Houser – Rockstar co-founder, and Jack Thompson – a lawyer ready for everything and seeking to use banned the sale of Grand Theft Auto in the US. It was in a conflict of two focus is to plot the film.

“Made for an adult audience, 90-minute drama tells the story of the controversy surrounding the video game Grand Theft Auto – perhaps the greatest British programming success since the Bletchley Park.”

The film’s release date remains a mystery. Photos, however, already underway.

Source: videogamer

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