After 20 years, Battletech fans have the opportunity to support the return of the franchise to the PC platform with a Kickstarter campaign from studio responsible for exceptional Shadowrun, the game in some sense is similar to the latest installment of the franchise system, Hong Kong.

Battletech – Creators of Shadowrun launches Kickstarter Campaign


Like the last game of the studio, this campaign asks for help from the community to co-finance gambling, as the initial target is covered with money for the studio, and other community contributions serve to swell the budget. It is a way of guaranteeing the players that the game will be developed anyway.

The game will be strategic and tactical, where giant robots will fight in the year 3025, during what is known as the “Classic BattleTech” era. If the collection is good, the studio also plans to add a multiplayer PvP.

Unfortunately, campaign financing comes with a catch. What the studio mentioned as a basic single-player campaign is, in fact, a way of fighting against the artificial intelligence, in different settings, but in order to develop a comprehensive campaign with story and character progression, a minimum stage 2, with a value of $ 1 million.

To make a digital copy of this interesting title, the minimum contribution is $ 25. The game will be release on May 2017.