Battlefield V, one of the most anticipated shooting game of this year is in scheduled for launch later this year. The game’s alpha is currently open to the players that seems to be quite stable version of the game, however, lets see how the final game will be rolled out.

Reddit user ‘turntrout101‘ while exploring the home menu of the Battlefield V from the alpha found something interesting and as per his report, there will be eight different multiplayer modes, of which three will be completely new. The confirmed five modes are Conquest, Domination, Frontlines, Team Deathmatch and Breakthrough, while the remaining three are yet to be named.

The reddit user says that he read an article found inside the game’s home menu while the airborne and final stand will be available in the Grand Operations only. Users can play the game’s closed alpha which started from June 28th for a limited time period. The closed alpha requires some hulky system to run the game smoothly, like previous Battlefield games.

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Last month, developers at DICE revealed a new gameplay demo during the E3 expo and some new information, confirming Battle Royale mode and made some comments on the customization.

Battlefield V will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 19th with Standard Edition and on October 16th with Battlefield V Deluxe Edition. The game is available for pre-order with bonuses such as early access to open beta, special assignment and special soldier set