Last night at E3, EA revealed some new details regarding its upcoming shooting title Battlefield V which takes us back in the World War 2. The game was confirmed earlier this year along with a trailer which received negative response from the gaming community, however, the developer studio said that they will continue to focus on the gaming elements that will result in more fun.

As we reported earlier, the studio revealed a new multiplayer trailer for the upcoming Battlefield V during their E3 conference, in which we saw some changes in the gameplay mechanics such as the construction of fortifications and a new movement system. While later during the presentation, the studio confirmed that there will be Battle Royale mode, called simply as “Royale” which will bring a new experience for the gamers.

Later on, they announced that more details on the Royale mode will be shed in the upcoming months. While some features such as creating fences and artillery will also be present, and not to forget the popular 64-player fight in the multiplayer mode with “Grand Operations” combined with the fan favored modes such as Conquest and Squad in the game.

There will options for player and weapon customization. While previously it was confirmed that there will be no season passes, it is not clear that how players will be going to unlock all the customization levels. We hope that EA reveals more details regarding the matter soon.

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Furthermore, DICE will reveal a new single player footage of the game focusing on the untold World War 2 stories during Microsoft’s presentation today, so we will get to know additional details to its single player campaign.

Battlefield V will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 19th with Standard Edition and on October 16 with Battlefield V Deluxe Edition. The game is available for pre-order with bonuses such as early access to open beta, special assignment and special soldier set.

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