Earlier this month, NVIDIA announced new lineup for its graphics cards, real-time ray tracing technology (RTX) 2080 Ti which will replace the current GeForce GTX series. The new lineup will feature support for the ray tracing technology designed which will polish the visual details with environmental reflections over the game surface and Battlefield V was the first game to support the feature.

There are many expectations from the upcoming high-end RTX 2080 Ti as more than 30 new games have announced to add the support for ray tracing (RTX) technology, while all eyes are on the upcoming shooter Battlefield V which is more CPU intensive game. As per the recent developments, things don’t look great and the fans might get worried as the upcoming RTX 2080 Ti is unable to run the Battlefield V at ultra HD 4K 30 fps with RTX turned on.

A new report published by Digital Foundry on Eurogamer came up after a detailed analysis of the game on a high-end system equipped with the upcoming RTX 2080 Ti where aim was to test the game with all the settings enabled and getting 60 fps. But unfortunately, the game struggled to reach the standard 30 fps mark with all the settings at 4K and RTX enabled.

We should know that this is the high-end GPU in NVIDIA’s RTX line-up and the current test results might give surprise to many who were expecting some performance increase from the graphics card. Check out the gameplay test published by Digital Foundry below;

NVIDIA has been pushing the new line-up on the basis of new ray-tracing technology and its marketing is backed by the support of such feature, but when the high-end graphics card struggles to run the game at standard 30 fps, it is something fans should keep in mind before purchasing the GPU.

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But it is one possibility that the game is not fully optimized yet and lately, the developers delayed the launch of game by almost one month. We might see increase in the game’s performance after few weeks with new drivers and game’s new build, not only with the RTX 2080 Ti but other graphics cards in the line-up.

Battlefield V is now scheduled for release on November 20th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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