EA and DICE are fully geared up for their upcoming shooter Battlefield V and the second open beta is also about to start in few hours. As we get closer to the game’s release, we hear more details about the game setting.

Up till now, DICE revealed a couple of gameplay trailers for the Battlefield V but we didn’t hear much about the game’s battle royale mode nor any trailer was released that focused on the gameplay settings of the much anticipated battle royale mode. However, a new trailer was published by the team, introducing us the brand new battle royale mode ‘Firestorm’.

Have a look into the new gameplay trailer below;

The new trailer appears to be impressive and gives us the idea of what the new mode will look like. Moreover, it provides details related to the single-player mode, game’s post-launch services such as Tide of War. The battle royale mode Firestorm will support up to 64 players and it must be noted that the players will have to join the gameplay in squads throughout the battle royale mode.

The single-player mode includes four war stories at launch, i.e. Prologue, Nordlys, Tirailleur, and Under No Flag. While The Last Tiger will be the fifth story which will be added sometime after the game’s launch. DICE planned an open beta for the game which will go live from Thursday September 6th, which contains the famous Conquest mode and Grand Operations while those who pre-ordered the title are able to enter the beta from today.

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Battlefield V is now scheduled for release on November 20th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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