DRM few times now become the subject of fevered discussion. Looks like it’s time for another, because it is also used in  Battlefield: Hardline and you must admit that in a very unusual way.

All indications are that after a few modifications to the computer, you will not be able to play Battlefield: Hardline. Means if you change one of the key components (motherboard, CPU or graphics card) and try to run the game ends sadly failed.

Battlefield: Hardline with atypical DRM –  Changing of PC components is blocking access to the game

 Battlefield Hardline

Perhaps there will be a frequent situation and is unlikely to meet a lot of players, same happened to Guru3D folk when he was testing Battlefield: Hardline for review and change hardware for many times and the game end with showing the error. In addition, we know that such a thing was decided here. From what we now have learned, you get to have 5 hardware changes per license. Use them up and access to the game will be blocked for 24 hours per activation. 

Interestingly, this is not the first such case. Previously we have also seen a similar case with Anno 2070.

What do you think about this kind of security?

Source: Guru3D

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