Do not miss our recent reports on the Battlefield: Hardline. This time the creators decided to make a move which is quite important for a large number of players, namely the quality of game Graphics. Wondering on which platform the game will look pretty? Probably most of you here match it with the PC version and it is most appropriate.

Battlefield Hardline: Beta Gameplay Screenshot (PC)

This was confirmed in a recent interview, Mike Glosecki studio Visceral Games. If players will have respectively High-end computers than they could expect really nice graphics and the advantage compared to the console versions will not be limited only to the graphics but PC players can also enjoy fun of Ultra High resolution.

“You can also opt for higher graphics settings that give the best texture filtering, smoothing the best and many other items. You can set any field of view or start the game over 60 frames per second. You can even play setup with three monitors for the most immersive experience. Finally, we play here with the mouse and keyboard, which give the best configuration to control for FPS. “

Recall that Battlefield: Hardline debut on 19 March. The game will be available on PC and consoles Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: dsogaming

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