Battlefield Hardline in the last month entertained players with the Beta version. In order to praised the developers of Battlefield Hardline more than 6 million players have played the beta version. These numbers are really great, which probably would not be in the mind of lots of players and also a lot of games have not received such appreciable after long experience in the market. On 17th, march 2015 finally Battlefield Hardline discharges, for both current-Gen Consoles and PC. The game will run on both consoles with a constant 60FPS but the resolutions remind us of Old-Gen as the game is running at 900p for PS4 and 720p resolution for Xbox One.

It is worth a stop for a moment, because the editors of gamingbolt attempted very interesting move to compare the version on the new consoles.

Already knew that the resolution will be here for 900p or 720p (so you will feel the PS4 version gameplay sharper), respectively, on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now you can find that on the Sony platform you can expect an average of 57FPS and on Xbox One game is running at slightly less – 53FPS. As far as in the statement of the PC version, both console versions are running game at High level of computer settings.

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Despite the fact that, Battlefield Hardline released just barely a couple of days back, on the day launched officially seventy thousand individuals were playing the game. What’s fascinating is that the Xbox One version has an early lead over the PS4, with about two times the quantity of players. 

Battlefield hardline: PS4 Vs Xbox One Head to Head Comparison


Source: gamingbolt, craveonline

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