EA and Visceral Games announced that Battlefield Hardline  will also feature a Premium Membership package, similar in content to Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. The latest beta of Hardline doesn’t leave a good impression on the fans of the game series of Battlefield, who named Hardline merely as a DLC or skin. We’ll see if the full version of this spin-off police attracts them. The details of the Premium package are given below which will cost you $50.

Hardline Battlefield Premium is an exclusive membership program with the delivery of new content and early access to fans of Battlefield Hardline to fulfill their fantasies of cops and criminals throughout the year. Members Battlefield Premium Hardline enjoy 4 new features: Masks , bank rifles, competitive games, and legendary status; as well as access to two weeks in advance * four packets of digital thematic expansion. In addition, members receive monthly rewards and exclusive access to in-game events and articles guaranteeing players run assaults and high-speed pursuits in style.

The Hardline Battlefield Premium memberships include:

  • Four characteristics:
  1. Masks: New masks with unique benefits linked to the theme of each mask.
  2. New rifles: offers players the ability to visually customize your weapons and trace gun deaths.
  3. Competitive -Games: Supports competitive play through tournaments and ladders.
  4. Legendary -Estatus: Offers to replay the whole system of progression.
  • Four digital theme packs with new multiplayer maps, modes, vehicles, game content and thematic history along the four:

Battlefield Hardline : Criminal Activity: Players will have to create a name for themselves quickly with new highly destructible maps with criminal work of short duration. Available in summer 2015.

– Battlefield Hardline: Robo: Take down the Leader of the Opposition and progress through key places with great cinematic action. Available in summer 2015.

– Battlefield Hardline: Escape: Frantic high-speed chases that will immerse players into the depths of the rounds. Available in autumn 2015.

– Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal – be a traitor in each operation and players will have to figure out who to trust. Available early winter of 2016. 

  • Two weeks prior to access all expansion packs
  • 12 gold Battlepacks
  • New customization options, including camouflage weapons, ammunition, and more exclusive items Premium
  • Access double-XP, missions of the game, and exclusive events Premium
  • Priority in the ranks

Battlefield Hardline brings new innovations in strategy, speed and history in both single player and multiplayer, to deliver a first-person shooter. The game offers a fresh and elegant entrance to the critically acclaimed franchise, making the players go on the gritty streets of Los Angeles and Miami, in a clash between police recharged crime and criminals. A new class of weapons, vehicles and equipment helps players to approach the game in entirely new ways. Tyrolean, motorcycle theft, police helicopters agile and sturdy car handle ensures players quickly based multiplayer Battlefield team asphalt.

Players can also tune episodic single player campaign inspired television series, chasing rookie police detective Miami, Nick Mendoza, through a history of crime and revenge. This story was brought to life by veteran and new Hollywood talent including True Detective Alexandra Daddario, Wendy Calhoun Justified and Benito Martinez The Shield. 

Battlefield Hardline is available from March 17, 2015 in North America and Mexico, and as of March 20, 2015 in the rest of the world, Origin ™ for PC, gaming system in the all-in-one Xbox One, and the entertainment team PlayStation®4. The game will also be available on the Xbox 360® entertainment system and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment.

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