As we announced on yesterday, EA and Visceral Games have confirmed the open beta for February 3 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. The beta will run from 3 to February 8, 2015. The Beta version of the game will feature three maps (Downtown, Dust Bowl and Bank Job) and 3 game modes (Conquest, Hotwire and Heist).

The trailer shows improvements and implementations that have been made since its first beta in June 2014, following its official announcement at E3 2014.

The final version of Battlefield Hardline due out March 17.

Battlefield Hardline is based on the main feature of the franchise, the multiplayer experience, and are focused on team play where strategy adds a new dimension of speed, making this the fastest of all deliveryBattlefield. The open beta will include three maps and three different ways to highlight the fantasy world of cops vs robbers. The way Hotwireadd more excitement to high-speed chases. While the thieves try to grab a list of cars the police try to avoid it. Hotwire is available on two maps,Downtown and Dust Bowl , and success in this game mode will be based on teamwork and precision driving.

Players will also experience the typical franchise mode, Conquest ;Available on the map Dust Bowl, and will feature epic battles with up to 64 players. Finally, the beta will feature the new way Heist , available on the map Bank Job, in this way criminals try to take the big hit, reaching the bank safe and free the stolen at specific points of the city, while police have the mission to help.

“There is nothing more valuable to our team that the relationship we have with the community. His passion fuels ours and all their opinions about the game definitely help us make Hardline a better game. “commented Steve Papoutsis, General Manager of Visceral Games and Executive Producer of Battlefield Hardline. “We want to play the beta tiredness throughout next week and, above all, give us your opinion and so we’ll polish the little details in the game. “

The beta of Battlefield Hardline also give you access to unlimited multiplayer progression of levels, will be unlocked whole range of items including new weapons, vehicles, gadgets and equipment. Players will have to develop new strategies in the battle with faster, such as zip or sports cars exhaust methods. They can also test new input methods such as hooks for climbing, and options to disarm without violence, arresting the suspect interrogations or even electric tasers. But above all, the beta will give a first impression of the new mode called Hacker . This takes vigilance to the maximum: Allows a player from each side of the game hack the battlefield in various ways, from security cameras to observe their enemies and attack them or warn of an enemy attack. The hacker mode will be available in all modes of beta.

Battlefield Hardline present you amazing moments of destruction that only exist in Battlefield, and moved to the urban chaos of LA and Miami.Developed with the engine Frostbite ™ 3 , Battlefield Hardline, you will live a single player campaign that follows the steps of detective Nick Mendoza through a history of crime and revenge. This whole story is brought to you by a cast of well-known Hollywood actors and writers as Alexandra Daddario of True Detective, Wendy Calhoun Justified and Benito Martinez of the series The Shield.

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