Battlefield Hardline will soon be submitted to a major update with which Electronic Arts seeks to encourage users to continue playing alongside knocking new users (badly in need of both), which is why Visceral Games will release new DLC Betrayal next month.

Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal brings new maps and even swords


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This update will include four new maps with a wider variety of environments, the most striking one is Alcatraz prison, the rest of the map is completed with Cemetery, Chinatown (remake of Grand Bazaar) and Thin Ice. To this they also add two new vehicles, a total of 11 new weapons, the most striking is the inclusion of a new melee weapon as a broadsword that will allow us to perform epic 1 Vs 1 duels ended buttering knives. The company will offer more exact details and video this week.

Battlefield: Hardline has endured a hard life, not exactly being comprehended or acknowledged straight from the beta itself. Maybe it was the general negative disposition that invited it as a free game for EA Access back in October, to attempt to demonstrate a more extensive group of audience that it truly isn’t that awful, it’s only not the same as what we’re used to with military based shooters. In any case, it doesn’t exactly have the accompanying they sought after regardless of being a for the most part polished and all around improved game. Maybe next time EA, maybe next time.

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