Battlefield Hardline in the last month entertained players with the Beta version. In order to praised the developers of Battlefield Hardline more than 6 million players have played the beta version. These numbers are really great, which probably would not be in the mind of lots of players and also a lot of games have not received such appreciable after long experience in the market. The official version will be on sale on March 17, now the plans would not change, but there are users unwilling to give up, to consult the official Xbox One and PS4 version of the game resolution, but the reality is always ruthless: the year is still familiar to 720P / 900P.

Battlefield Hardline: 900p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One


The game’s developer Visceral Games confirmed to friends that, the game will meet with Xbox One player’s at only 720P resolution and 900P for PS4. We remind you that in the previous year’s E3 they promised for 1080P resolution. If we see all the current games on the two platforms, all are generally run directly on 900P / 1080P, while the PC version is enjoying a luxury, the highest possible level of 4K resolution.

As for the game frame, for both platforms commitments are 60FPS, fluency appears in order to give up the resolution, but if we talk about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, two platforms are running it on 1080P @ 60FPS, although the Xbox One is dynamic 1080P (dynamic transverse interpolation), and PS4 occasionally with dropped frames, but compared to the Battlefield Hardline a lot stronger.

Folks on Tweeter be like: It seems like the Next -Gen is the biggest joke!! Next Gen is a massive joke. Sitting here with my monster, hardly hearing it @ 1080p 60fps

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