According to NVIDIA, Battlefield 5 will allow the use of the Deep Learning Super Sampling technology, better known as DLSS from 7th january, 2019, which will improve the performance of the game. T

What is striking is that, DLSS can now also be used in resolutions lower than 4K, since in the official benchmarks of Nvidia, it is indicated that the RTX 2060 will allow to play Battlefield 5 in 1080p resolution with RTX at 65 FPS without DLSS, and at 88 FPS with DLSS, which means practically the same game performance without RTX or DLSS. In this way, Battlefield 5 is the first game to support both Deep Learning Super Sampling and Ray-Tracing.

  • Battlefield 5: RTX disabled: 90 FPS
  • Battlefield 5: RTX activated + DLSS disabled: 65 FPS
  • Battlefield 5: RTX activated + DLSS activated: 88 FPS

For those who do not understand in technical terms the implementation of DLSS implies, below you can find several comparative videos of the Final Fantasy XV benchmark, where you can see face to face the performance of a traditional anti-aliasing as the TAA against the DLSS. You will see how there is a difference of 15 FPS in most of the different scenes, in turn significantly reducing the jagged edges.

It is worth mentioning that Nvidia provides the DLSS incorporation service free of charge to all developers who wish to implement it in their games. 

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