According to a Tweet published by the DICE development director, Dan Vaderlind now that Star Wars: Battlefront has been released, the full force of his team has been transferred to “the next Battlefield “. Generally, DICE released a new game every 2 years Battlefield: 3 launch occurred in 2011, Battlefield:4 in 2013 and Battlefield Hardline earlier this year. Despite claiming they had no intention to annualise Battlefield, Electronic Arts has listed Battlefield 5  in its schedule of releases for 2016 sometime.

Battlefield 5 will be the return of the series to a ” more traditional military environment, “according to comments made ​​by EA’s chief financial officer last year. It is in line with the mandate of the publisher released a new shooter every year, which means that most probably we will see a new Titanfall in 2017. Despite the launch of Battlefield 5, support for Battlefield 4 will continue.

Via: PCGamer

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