[RUMOR] So finally something about the new Battlefield, as indicated by a listing on Swiss retailer World of Games. The description, which additionally pegs Battlefield 5 for release on October 26, 2016, initially called the game a “Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg” – a multiplayer strategic shooter in World War 1.

RUMOR: Battlefield 5 is coming in October, set in World War 1


Slow-firing weapons and horrifying trench fighting with the fast-paced, vehicle-centered Battlefield model sounds almost impossible to me, so I would be exceptionally astonished if this listing ends up being precise. Have you seen what tanks looked like in those days? You’d have a tough time propelling off a ramp and shooting down a helicopter with one of these, I’ll let you know that much.


I’d have a less demanding time trusting a Battlefield spinoff, similar to Bad Company or Vietnam, would take the establishment back to the 1910s than the next numbered sequel. On the other hand, that may be what we get this year, particularly since a chunk of the Battlefield group was working with Star Wars Battlefront up until December. EA CEO Andrew Wilson said “new Battlefield experience” would land in time for occasion 2016, and the Great War would be very new territory for the series. Calling it Battlefield 5 may very well be shorthand on World of Games’ part… then again the entire listing may not be right. Ideally, we won’t need to hold up any longer to discover.

Via: gamesradar

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