From the recent EA’s financial report, we have learned that in the last quarter the company recorded revenues of $ 1.13 billion and $ 142 million profit. At the same time, they disclosed plans for future business, some of which are well worth a few words to discuss.

Battlefield 5 debut until the end of 2016, the new Need for Speed ​to come ​earlier

Battlefield 4 Gameplay SS
Battlefield 4 Gameplay SS

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA has devoted some attention to perhaps the biggest brands, which has under its wings, so the Battlefield and Need for Speed ​. Although we don’t have lots of details on both new titles, but we found out when we can expect a new premier view of these series.

Already last year, the first supposition, that Battlefield 5 may not appear until 2016. So it happens, and the expectation is even longer as Andrew Wilson mentioned during the holiday season and therefore the end of next year. DICE have therefore a lot of time to prepare for the new production and it would be nice if after the release, there were no known problems like with Battlefield 4.

There are some possible reasons late debut of Battlefield 5, the first one is that Battlefield: Hardline is going to launch in 2015, and EA wouldn’t want two Battlefield titles to release in the same year.

Now at the second, it should be due to the upcoming release Star Wars Battlefront, which is also ready to make an entry in the next year, releasing three shooters game from the same side is also not a good decision for revenue and may be this is the reason behind the Battlefield 5 release until 2016.

The third and the last one throws from Stern Agee side, he said that  DICE would want to ensure that the upcoming entry in the series is bug free, and not filled with issues like Battlefield 4 was. So they need some time in order to make the game better for all platforms.

The debut of new Need for Speed will be slightly faster​. This in fact occurs in the next fiscal year beginning on the 1st of April and ending on 31 March 2016 calendar year.

It is worth remembering that in the meantime, we still have a premiere Battlefield: Hardline from Visceral Games. It is scheduled for March 19.

Source: VG247, gamingforever

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