The last Downloadable content of Battlefield 4 which is Battlefield Final Stand is on its way and it is coming very quick, so the developers decided to give us some more news about the upcoming downloadable content. So the new information is about maps, gears, gadgets, and more which was recently revealed on the official Battlefield blog. Of course, Battlefield 4 Final Stand will have some very awesome snow maps so you better get ready to face the snowstorm as a real soldier you are. Operation Whiteout will definitely push you and bring out the best of you and will also test your abilities to face your enemies in the snow storm. The final stand DLC will also give us military secrets and hints of the future Battlefield games in the Hangar 21, you will get to ride inside a Submarine base to reach the Hammerhead a mountain. The giants of Karelia in the game is where you can find high tech weapons factories.

You better get prepared to use the HT-95 Levkov Vehicle which will help you to put an end to your targets in the bloody snow storm and believe me it is pretty Hi-Tech military gear too. Now a game where we can’t take out enemies silently? Is not a good game, but Battlefield 4 is a good game and it will give us the lethal Rorsh MK-1 sniper which, no matter what your skill in sniping is will make it better and better. Then comes the beast XD-1 Accipiter flying drone which will be your shield in the final stand DLC. Not enough? Well then how about the Target Detector which will straps onto DMRs and Carbines then help you to auto-spot your enemies. You can also use the DS-3 DECOY which will damage the mini-map of your enemies, which will make them think they are not alone.

So, what do you guys think about this DLC isn’t it awesome?