New forthcoming action, shooter from DICE, the Battlefield 1 will be released after a couple of months from now and every other day, the team shares some new details for the game which starts building up the hype and more attention from the Battlefield lovers.

Soon after the official reveal of the new Battlefield 1 during recent past weeks, we come across some several confirmation, making sure that the fans will be getting this new anti-cipated game of the year mainly due to the war like environment in the game, featuring a new level of destruction with guns, airplanes, tanks and almost every other thing.

Today, producer at DICE, David Sirland on reddit forums confirmed that the Battlefield 1 will be featuring 60Hz default tick rate. Tick rate is the server updating frequency which the game state. In short, the more the tick rate, the smoother the online experience will be.

Furthermore, in the very same thread, one of the users of EA’s Game Changers program named as XfactorGaming on the reddit has played the Battlefield 1 recently and it appears that the user has definitely enjoyed his time. He did shared some of the details which he observed such as the destruction in the game, gunplay and more. He said;

In your opinion, what is your favorite change made to the game from the previous titles? Whether that be from the time period or a gameplay mechanic.

Has to be the destruction. People wanted BFBC2 destruction and got so much more. It really is insane to see an entire map leveled.

There is an entire village

He also mentioned about the gunplay in the game where he noticed that some of the shots left like soft bullets and will be corrected after a while as per DICE. He also confirmed that there are many sub-machine and light machine guns in the game but there are certain adjustments that should be made.

Put a skill gap back in the gunplay and fix drag. The developers stated it was not working as intended and some guns shot what felt like softballs and not bullets. You could actually see the lob. I look for this to get tweaked the most.

There is a ton of RNG in the SMGS and LMGS. Hopefully this gets adjusted quickly. You can be looking at a door 50 feet away and shoot two bullets. The first might hit the left side of the door and the second, shot a full second later, might hit the right.

Battlefield 1 releases on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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