Battlefield 1, one of the most anti-cipated game of this year based on World War I seems be under its final stage of development. The game was confirmed a couple of weeks before the E3 2016 after being rumored on the internet for a while. Developers at DICE continues to keep us updated regarding the advances and further changes made in the game.

Battlefield 1 Will Feature Maps with Dynamic Weather, Will Affect Gameplay

In a recent blog update by the developers, it was confirmed that the Battlefield 1 will have maps featuring dynamic weather system to make sure that the players can really experience the war where weather and location conditions can really affect the outcome of a war. All the multiplayer maps in the game have dynamic weather enabled with it, that includes several things such as sun emerging and turning the overcast map with a sunny one. But these are the one that have quite a small impact on the gameplay, whereas other conditions such as dense fog and rain will force players to change their gaming strategy.

Dense fog will forcefully limit the vision of players and will have a great impact while using the sniper as players won’t be able to see far off places. As per DICE, people will consider combating with melee attacks or may take out their bayonets, and shotguns for the fight until the dog disappears. While on the other hand, rain can distract and distort players and may even affect the infantry. According to the DICE,

“You always look for movement when you’re scanning the horizon for threats, but rain pouring down makes this much more difficult. This change in vision changes how you’ll approach flying, too. Since visibility is affected, the rain pushes you to become more cautious when flying close to mountains or the ground.”

While another extreme weather condition like a sandstorm will also be there in the maps like Sinai Desert, which won’t only affect the visibility of players but will cause trouble for the players while flying the plane in the air. However, the studio feels that some skilled players may use it for their advantage as well if they are familiar with the map. According to the studio, these conditions will come and go during the intervals.

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Players will be able to get their hands on and have a little taste of the war very soon on August 31st when the open beta will be started. The game launches on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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