Last month, EA revealed that they will be handling the Battlefield 1 server rental program themselves, without the help of any third party getting involved as it used to be the case with previous games in the series.

Battlefield 1 Rent a Server Program Has No Ban List, More Issues

Battlefield 1 rental server program was detailed by along with several features such as modes, damage count, maps, the ability to kick or ban players along with some other perks but apparently most of these highlighted features seem to be missing from the program.

According to the reports, the host can add up to 6 maps only as more maps will be released later on with the release of DLC confirmed by DICE. Till then, you can enjoy the currently available six maps only. While the program also lacks many listed features categorized under admin’s control such as the ban list. The host has no control over banning or kicking any suspected players to maintain the game’s integrity.

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Furthermore, the program lacks server menu that limits admin from enjoying several perks and privileges such as choosing the next map, enable/disable auto balance, restrict any weapon and some other features as well.

The Battlefield 1 server rental program is not up to the mark as it lacked most the features detailed by EA last month, but hopefully, the developers will and should make it better by adding the missing features as well as some other perks so that more people prefer to rent the server.

EA released the Battlefield companion app for the Android, iOS and Windows Phones to help the players in keeping up with their game progress, classes, and more. The game is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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