Seems like the developers at DICE are working very hard for the new Battlefield 1. This time, the studio thought of driving into the past and working on World War 1 based action game. The game was officially confirmed after being rumored sometime before the E3 2016 and during EA’s press conference, we saw gameplay footages of the Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 Is In A Really Good State, Closed Alpha Expected Soon – DICE

Recently, DICE and EA held the new game’s event in the Los Angeles where some of the YouTubers and reddit users had a chance to play the game and they also shared their experience on the social forums regarding the in-game destruction, gun play and rifles, which had reported earlier also.

Anyhow, the YouTuber Cayinator approached one of the developers at DICE and discussed about the game’s current state and the closed Alpha (which is already running for some people and is expected soon for everyone according to the studio’s blogs) in comparison with previous games. According to the developer, the game is really in a good state, but the alpha is not playable at the moment.

I’m very happy with how this build is playing. I mean, we will now get to polish this stuff for three more months. This is in a really good state. The Alpha is generally not playable, not this well. This is like all of the game, it doesn’t look this good in all of the levels obviously, but the gameplay is there. We really pushed ourselves to get there this time so we can make sure our core mechanics are polished.

Earlier, the developers also revealed that the game will be running at 60Hz default tick rate and studio is working to overhaul the user interface of the game, which will eliminate launching from web browsers option and also the alpha gameplay footage revealed that game includes the option of enabling or disabling DirectX 12 API feature from the graphics settings.

Battlefield 1 is set for release worldwide on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more!