Battlefield 1, a new addition to the famous shooter franchise is under development and testing stages and a couple of months away from its release. We normally come across something new every second day regarding the development and changes being made in the game, which keeps us attracted towards the game.

Recently, developers at DICE announced that the user interface of the game is being overhauled, starting with the Battlefield 4 after which the players will not need web browsers to launch the game (via Battlelog). Furthermore, it was also announced that the game will be featuring 60Hz default tick rate, which will help in smoother online gameplay experience.

Currently, Battlefield 1 is running through the multiplayer alpha test, and from the graphics settings of the leaked gameplay footage of the closed alpha running on NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080, it appears that the game is supported with DirectX 12, the latest API by Microsoft.

DICE haven’t officially announced whether the new Battlefield 1 will support DirectX 12 or not, but from the footage and the screenshot of the settings menu, there is an option to enable or disable the DirectX 12 in the game. The new DirectX 12 has brought many improvements in the game’s performance and visuals and also resulted in getting more fps as compared with the previous DirectX 11. Have a look in the advanced settings of the menu below;

Battlefield 1 Graphics Settings

Meanwhile a new gameplay footage of the new shooter published by DigitalFoundry on the YouTube showcases the game running on 6th gen Intel Core i7 paired with the new GTX 1080, running at 1440p with resolution scale of 100% and everything set to ultra and the game is running very smoothly. The new footage can be seen below;

Battlefield 1 is set for release worldwide on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more!

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