Seems like the developers at DICE are working very hard for the new Battlefield 1. This time, the studio thought of driving into the past and working on World War 1 based action game. The game was officially confirmed after being rumored sometime before the E3 2016 and during EA’s press conference, we saw gameplay footages of the Battlefield 1.

The game is set for release in October but every second day, we get to hear something new from the developers, some confirmations that will keep fans more attached and hyped for the game.

Battlefield 1: DICE Removes Launching from Web Browsers Option

Yesterday, Julian Manolov, an engineer at DICE from his Twitter account announced that the game will not require launching from web browsers anymore. Unlike the previous games in the series where players used to join the game from Battlelog (which most of them didn’t like).

Moreover, a YouTube user Westie has also hinted that the game will be having a new launcher instead of launching from the battlelog. As of now, it is not confirmed that there will be a new launcher, and the connection of the Battlefield game with battlelog will still exist or not. We will keep you updated!

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