Battlefield 1 fans are more excited as the days pass, and release of Battlefield 1 gets closer. Last week, DICE revealed the starting date of the open beta for Battlefield 1, which was August 31st without mentioning the ending period of the beta. However, thanks to the Czech gaming site, which claims that the EA Poland has provided the ending date of open beta.

The new report claims that EA Poland in its press release confirmed that the open beta will be running from August 31st until September 8th, almost a week. Normally, open beta gets an extension for a day or even two, so the players can enjoy a little more of it. A picture of the original email was also shared which mentioned the beta dates as well as some other information related to it, which can be seen below;

battlefield 1 open beta

However, the word is yet to be confirmed by DICE and EA officially. It was announced that the open beta will include Sinai Desert map along with the two modes, Conquest, the all-time fan favorite with 64 players fighting for the objectives and Rush with 24 player mode protecting their telegraph posts.

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A couple of days ago, developers confirmed that the players will able to take control of the Behemoth, an armored train with up to six people in the form of a crew, and one of them as the driver.

While the official Twitter account of Battlefield also confirmed that the Battlefield Insiders will be getting 1 day early access to the open beta via Email, if they have registered by August 21st.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21st worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The hype of this WW I based shooter is damn real!

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