PC gamers are known for data mining the game files to check out some hidden secrets and reveals planned by the developers for the future. This time, the data miners went through Battlefield 1 beta files and found some names and the images of Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps.

As of now, the Battlefield 1 beta is currently running and will be ending on September 8th. One reddit user went through the data files of the beta and found some multiplayer maps with the images. In his post, he mentioned about eight maps while there will be some other maps as well when the game gets released next month.

Below are the names and images of the leaked maps so far;

  • St. Quentin Scar
  • Amiens
  • Empire’s Edge
  • Monte Grappa
  • Argonne Forest
  • Chateau – Leaked Name
  • Sinai Desert
  • Suez

Battlefield 1 leaked Maps

In another update, DICE confirmed that a new beta update will be released today that will remove the time limit from conquest and rush mode and bring some tweaks. During the first day of the beta, EA servers were taken down through a DDoS attack by a group called Poodle Corp. The attack barred many beta players from joining the game even hours after the restoration of the servers.

Battlefield 1 releases on October 21st for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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