It’s official, there is not doubt in it that Battlefield 1 (formerly known as “Battlefield 5) is going to the best first person shooter game of this year we have seen so far. The reason for this name is the “reset” of the series, and that refers to backtrack in time to reach the First World War. Undoubtedly the trailer is short but shows the immensity of the game that shows lots of melee weapons, allow us to attack / defend better the trenches, access to a first generation of armored, wonderful bolt action rifles and the start of air and naval combat on a large scale.

Battlefield 1 announced, welcome to the First World War

However, EA says the game is drawn from genuine authentic occasions. The Germans truly did blimp bomb strikes, and stallions and tanks existed together on the Western Front. Of course, there were simple hand-to-hand battle and trench fighting, yet WWI was likewise the main significant clash to highlight complex air and ground vehicles. Planning an game around WWI was a lesson interestingly, says EA DICE fashioner Daniel Berlin.

The Game will Feature Single Player Campaign mode

We don’t know much about the campaign mode, however, EA designers affirmed in front of an audience at a press preparation today that Battlefield 1 will include single-player mode.

We can Ride horses!

Nothing shouts video game silliness like telling players they can ride living, breathing animals into a front line against cutting edge modern weaponry. Yet, EA’s Berlin focused on that, in genuine WWI style, “you can bring a horse to a tank fight.”

The game will come to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 21 or three days earlier on October 18 on EA Access.

Battlefield 1 is now available for pre-order, standard version for 59.99 euros, giving us early access of 7 days prior to a free map next to pack HellfighterFight relentlessly in hell with Hellfighter pack. The theme of this pack are the Harlem Hellfighter, the first African – American infantry unit, one of the toughest of the Great War, and contains special objects inspired by their heroic deeds. . ”

For 79.95 euros you can access to the Deluxe Edition, which adds early access to the game three days before launch, the pack Red BaronTake to the skies with the pack of Red Baron, loaded with themed objects from the famous fighter pilot Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, better known as the legendary Red Baron, the number one of the German air force. “pack Lawrence of Arabia:Experience the war from another point of view with the pack of Lawrence of Arabia. Get items and weapons that are based on the adventures of the famous archaeologist and diplomat TE Lawrence, whose role in the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire was vital. “And 5 Battlepacks:” Prepare for battle with five additional Battlepacks loaded with all vehicles, weapons and equipment to not take a step back into total war. ”





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